Leisure time

Frýdek-Místek city centre offers theatrical performances, music clubs, cultural monuments and museums. In the immediate vicinity of Frýdek-Místek there are many ski slopes, ski lifts and cable cars in the mountains that are renowned for both winter and summer activities and tourism.The picturesque landscape along with the traditional architecture of the Beskydy makes a lasting impression on every visitor. Beskydy´s vistas have also attracted golf lovers, who can now enjoy the newly emerged three golf courses - Ostravice, Čeladná and Ropice. Just a few minutes drive from the hotel is the Olešná waterpark, perfect for summer family relaxation.

• trek to the highest mountain of Beskydy, Lysá Hora
• Wallachian Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštem
• Hukvaldy, the oldest castle ruins in Central Europe
• Štramberské Trůba and cave Šipka in Štramberk
• Automobile Museum in Kopřivnice
• Žerotín castle in Nový Jičín
• Pustevny on Radhošť
• Frenštát pod Radhoštěm - ski jumps
• Brewery Radegast
• Water reservoir in close proximity to town offers water sports
and swimming. Airplane and hang glider sightseeing trips
from the nearby airports at the Beskydy and Pobeskydí.
• walking around the nearby Olesná to Palkovické hůrky
• Pilgrimage to St. Anthony or the St. Ignác to Borová.

Ski lifts and pistes:
• Malá Morávka 10 km
• Palkovice 8 km
• Lysá hora 15 km
• Pustevny 30 km

Golf courses:

More information: www.beskydy-info.cz